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Ultralight Beam

On high waters, still thinking of the day before. The sun was setting and I was settling thinking of the best things in life; for a moment I was actually letting go. I never wanted to fight with the flow of the river but… high waters. I have a different perspective and now I have to trust my therapist. …probably the lord blinked and I was falling into an abyss. There was a distance between me and the world. On that day, the human race proved me wrong. They never took their time to talk it out. Now I am digging my own grave in my mind. I can’t live a life running away every day in angst. They never took their time to listen, now look at what they have done!!. They may be behind bars but these walls sing the same song, these walls are drawing near, these walls… these walls talk over and over. I kept dreaming about them nearly every night this week, asking myself, how many secrets can I keep? Hoping my feelings can stay but they keep on crawling back to them. I always stay
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Ode to My Mum.

  “When they come for you, I’ll shield your name. I will help you through the pain.” She uses melody helplessly on her death bed. I can’t help it but be emotional by her side. She has been strong for so long and now it’s my turn to hold on. Prior, she used to see different people that I couldn’t see. Sometimes I could come visit her and would find her talking to herself. She would laugh and I used to smile. I needed her to believe that she was not crazy. She admitted that she made a couple of bad decisions. Our actions have consequences and mine have hit me so hard. Metastatic breast cancer one and a half years, the doctors said they it was too late. They did everything but a date was set and everyday with her was a gift.   On the 20 th of December 2019, I came back to the hospital after buying supplies for Christmas to decorate her room. We knew this would be her last Christmas and the hospital wouldn’t allow her to leave… Her dad, her man and me. I was born in 95’ on a Wedne

Something About Photography

7 th  student  "Photography is poetry in images. I trust a few people to take photos of me, not that people can’t, but for me photography is more than just holding a camera and clicking, it’s about the photographer having a connection with the camera and the subject, then, just then click!"                                                                           Jack Molla (7th Student)                          After high school, I fancied photography as a profession. I viewed photographers as lazy artists. They get to draw their pictures automatic with digital cameras. In spite of that, a picture is worth a thousand words. I always try to bring out a positive vibe from every photo I take. Rhoney Okeyo is one of the best photographers I know.  Rhoney Okeyo Through his photos, I can direct my eyes and my heart with precision and honesty, I get to know what I know differently in a better view. As an introvert, photography has enabled me to be able to express certain views ging

Let’s Make-up.

  My diamond from Nairobi, she values the fact that she can deftly wield a make-up brush or wig or shapewear. She has underestimated her skin without make-up and how gorgeous she can transform her melanin touch with a bit of foundation. “One mistake we make is that we think make-up will make us beautiful.” You don’t need to trivialize the fact that you can’t live without make-up. I tend to believe that the use of cosmetics do not make you beautiful, they just compliment your beauty. However, to understand the whole make-up debacle, there are factors that pushes most of us to this glamourous life-style. This article was inspired by one of our contributors and we were able to get her story. Lynn with standards When I was 15, my dad had a huge breakthrough and our lives changed abruptly. I transferred schools and it was exhilarating because of the prestigious element of the school. Just imagine going to a school where there are no vibokos , at the moment it felt like safe haven.